Long life to AIDIA !


Congratulations to our partner Sunil KC, former President of Youth Foundation Nepal. 

Sunil Kc has established a new research institute in Kathmandu, Nepal: the Asian Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs.


Next meeting on March, 11th 2014:

the Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference taking place at Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur, Nepal. 


Background of the Conference

AIDIA Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference in the theme “Making Nepal an Economic Hub in Asia”. It is Nepal’s biggest brainstorming event, bringing together the most relevant leaders and experts from business, finance, diplomacy, academia, government, and civil society.


Objectives of the Conference 

1. To provide a platform to exchange ideas from different experts from the various countries to express their views for improvement of diplomatic relations and economical circumstance of Nepal.

2. To prioritize the economic and political situation of Nepal in International level for improving the country’s policy and economy.

3. To keep economic diplomacy in the front line of Nepalese foreign policy for the promotion of trade and business relationship among the countries.

4. To get ideas and knowledge from different experts nationally and internationally to flourish country’s economy globally

5. To make a network nationally and internationally

6. To strengthen Nepal’s economy by establishing multinational companies and producing entrepreneurs

7. Create employment opportunities to decrease foreign remittance and making the country more sustainable 



1. Mr. Surendra Pandey (Former Finance Minister of Nepal)

2. Rensje Teerink (Ambassador of EU to Nepal)

3. Ms. Meera H. Sanyal (Former CEO/Chairperson of Royal Bank of Scotland, India)

4. Mr. Rajendra Kumar Khetan (Chairman, Khetan Group)

5. Dr. Sergey V. Velichkin (Ambassador of EU to Nepal)


Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDIA)

Kirtimargh, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No. +977-01-2299527

Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Edition is done !




Edition is done 


RWA project is almost complete ! Ready to show our documentary in 2015 !


Many thanks to all our little producers without border, small helps, family and friends !


This project was made possible thanks to you. 



Special thanks to the people below who have enlighten our way: 


Binod Khakurel

President de l'association France-Népal.


Loïc Trujillo



Gopal Koraila

Documentary maker.


Lynda Sedoud

Project Manager at UNICEF France.


Juju Kaji Maharjan 

President at HEARTBEAT.


Basanta Adhikari 

Founder of Bikalpa as an Alternative.


Pusba Basnet

Children Rights Activist - Founder of the Butterfly Home.


Ban Dita 

President at Women Foundation Nepal.


Dilip Gurung 

Project Manager at LIVEABLE Nepal.


Ross Holzman 

Executive Producer at Create Peace Project. 


Medha Sharma

Youth advocate and former volunteer at YUWA.


Rupak and Rajendra 

Founders of Global Cycling for Peace and Environment.


Alexandre Duclos



Claudia Maistrello

Project coordinator in Tikapur, Nepal.


Tempa Sonam Tamang                     

Young entrepreneur in Gosainkund (4380 m).




Thank you!




RWA Season 3

RWA Team is in Kathmandu for the last filming session. Find below the profile pictures of RWA latest interviews. 

IMG 2976Shanta Choudary

Juju KajiShekkar Shrestha 

IMG 3379Kid VictorHugo 

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Interview with Chin Cabrido

chin cabrido women empowerment

 Chin Cabrido's view regarding Education, Women Empowerment and Politics in Nepal.

The inspiring couple Sushma and Mike Lilly

mike and sushma lilly 

As a man living in a country knowing no one but knowing that my mission and challenge was to be good and do good,

I knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Living on a dream



I’m Parina Subba Limbu, the founder/director of Dristi Nepal.
And this is what I’ve to say.

The young journalist Umita Basnet

umita basnet

Umita Basnet is a changemaker in the field of journalism and a source of inspiration for myriad women in Nepal. 

The story of social activist Alan Palmer

alan palmer RWA

Social Activists are shaped by their life experiences and personality. My story begins in 1956 on the West Coast of New Zealand.

The young radio journalist Durga Adhikari

durga adhikari RWA

Durga Adhikari is the Founder of Radio Safalta 103.4 , Pokhara Nepal. She is a 2013 Social Development Award Winner.

YFN Master Thesis Grant 2013

yfn master thesis grant

Youth Foundation Nepal is investing a significant amount of funding in order to support the best postgraduate candidates. 

The Nepal Trip Report of Darshan Rauniyar


 Youth play key roles in society. There needs to be a change in these young minds to make them believe in themselves.

Why I became a Gender Activist

 un women launch ny201202248873


"I was not a born activist" tells Bandana Rana, President of Saathi NGO. 


Featuring Lalit Shahi and Eric Fairman, the Papas


Lalit Shahi and the children of Shelter Home celebrating Holi Festival.

Let the world knows about Nepal

Bishal Dahal Senate RWA

I'm Ready, Willing and Able for the big change that we are going to bring. 

Youth as a Change Maker : Juju Kaji and Heartbeat

Juju Kaji

A group of young students here is trying to make a difference in the lives of the city's street children,

get introduced to Hearbeat !

What is RWA Project ?

The idea: What about directing an "homemade" documentary in Nepal ? 

A documentary about the Nepali Youth...


The story: At one challenging time of national history, the Nepalese are bringing voices and actions for changes. And youth is in the game. Ready, Willing and Able.


One tool: A video camera.

One team: Nepali youth.

One quote: "They didn't know it was impossible, to they did it." Mark Twain.


Laure Gadrat

Writer of RWA Project (2012-2015)

Youth Foundation Nepal is RWA !


Sunil KC is co-producer on RWA Project.

He is the Founder of Youth Foundation Nepal, a Nepali NGO promoting Youth Empowerment.

Celebrating the work of journalist Rajneesh Bhandari

screen shot 2012-11-09 at 1.40.10 am 0

RWA is introducing you to the work of young nepali journalist Rajneesh Bhandari. You can read below his profile published on International Journalist Network (IJNET). 

Inspiration Youth

DSC 5818I



Some quotes for the youth and the elders.


" They didn’t know it was impossible, so they dit it. "   Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Celebrating the Nepali Friendship Peace Awards

148677 461590257231536 1010113710 n

Source: http://perceptionspress.com

RWA is introducing you to one of YFN Events: the Nepali Friendship Peace Awards.

Ready, Willing and Able

« Youth is not a troublemaker. Youth is a change maker. »
says Juju Kaji, a Nepali social worker.
2012. At one difficult time of national history, Nepali people face new challenges every day.
And still, youth is in the game